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Urgent-German Exchange student needs to change homes

My name is Sherry Satta. 
I'm a Local Coordinator for AYA Academic Year in America- a branch of AIFS -American Institute for Foreign Study, which is sponsored by the State Department. 
We have an urgent situation involving a German student from Stuttgart at Chaparral High School. Michael's a great kid, loves basketball, and Arizona. 
The family currently hosting Michael has had some serious issues come up recently and are unable to continue hosting , which would be just until the end of school. Although we are trying to keep Michael at Chaparral, we would also be open to other high schools preferably in the Scottsdale District. 
Due to the urgent need to find a new host family, other Districts are a possibility. 
All you need to furnish is a bed, place to study. breakfast and dinner, and a desire to give the student an understanding of US life and culture. Host families don't have to have another student or even kids. Age is not a factor and even singles can host (pending student okay) A single man can host a boy or a single woman can host either. 

Our website is www.academicyear.org. Please have a look at our prospective parents section. 
The application process involves the form found there which can be e-mailed with required photos, and the background check agreement. 
In this situation, it should only take a couple days. Once approved, I interview the family and submit my report. Approval could come within 3-4 days. 
Please send this out to anyone who could help me with ideas, whether about a precise family or any other organizations I could contact. 

Please feel free to call me directly for more info:
Sherry Satta-
AYA Local Coordinator 
(602) 615-8145 
sdsatta[ at ]gmail.com

This is the time of year, we're always looking for good families for next Fall, since most Valley public high schools pick their host Int'l students in March and families need to be lined up first. Please consider hosting one of our students. You can look at their profiles on our site and designate a student or students you're interested in. Right now there are alot of German students and other nationalities, who need families for either a semester or full year for the 2012-2013 school year. Please help me bring them to AZ!


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