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Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures, Inc.

EIN: 20-2684739

Our Vision

Architectural Rendering of proposed building
Architectural Rendering of proposed building

To establish a place for people of Germanic background to socialize and to provide a forum open to the general public to foster awareness of the contributions of Germanic peoples to the American fabric of life.

Are you one of the thousands of Germanic ancestry here in Arizona, or are you interested in the Germanic culture, history, language?

Perhaps you have looked around and noticed Chinese, Irish, Italian, Polish, and Hungarian Centers, among others?

But where is the Germanic Center? Unfortunately, there isn’t one…yet!
There are a number of Germanic clubs – Swiss, Austrian, German – in Phoenix and other Arizona cities, but there is no central meeting place where the various groups can get together or present cultural events, such as music, film, exhibits, lectures. Currently, the various clubs meet at restaurants, private homes and parks; and cultural events are held at various venues scattered throughout the Valley.

Of course, this makes it difficult for interested persons to find out the “what, where and when” of activities planned by the different Germanic organizations.

Due to the grassroots efforts of the presidents of the Austrian, German, and Swiss clubs in Phoenix and the Consuls of those countries, the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures, Inc. was officially formed in January 2005. The Center has a board of five directors and a growing membership.

Our Mission

To develop a center of Germanic Culture for all people of Arizona, providing a common place to meet, learn and enjoy, based on historic elements but a timeless edifice appropriate for future generations.

Dieter Bollmann, President; Ulrike Boecker, Vice President; Nancy Williams, Secretary (DANK); Wolfgang Klien, Past-President (Austrian Society)

Board of Directors:
Alexander Reuter (Swiss Society), Peter Schubert (Team Handball Club)

Board of Advisors:
Dr. Bernard Otremba-Blanc, Honorary Consul of Germany; Max Haechler, Honorary Consul of Switzerland Emeritus

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